Energy, a vital ingredient for economic growth, human well-being, and modern, technology-driven lifestyles, is becoming a singularly important global issue because of the predominant dependence of the global economy on fossil fuels—oil, natural gas, and coal—geographical disparities in their availability, as well as rapidly rising consumer demand worldwide. Together, these factors are responsible for the escalating financial, political, and environmental consequences of the world’s energy economy, trends that are expected to continue well into the future.

Energy planning and economics, resource choices and production technology, supply and distribution infrastructure, end-use considerations, market structures and pricing, consumer access, and relevant policy and regulation, are all complex aspects that require informed analyses—based on quantitative data, international experience, and local insight—for devising effective solutions and investment decisions.

Hagler Bailly Pakistan can help identify, assess, and address a wide range of environmental impact, pollution, risk management, resource conservation, and sustainable development issues. The firm’s strength resides in its proven ability to combine sophisticated business, market, and economic analyses with specialized environmental, scientific, legal, engineering, and risk communication expertise.

Since the early 1990s, Hagler Bailly Pakistan has been one of the key contributors to the development Pakistan’s environmental policy and action regime, as well as for formulating and implementing the environmental agendas of government agencies, corporations, institutions, and other civil society stakeholders. In addition to its vast and varied local experience, the firm has been engaged in regional and global environmental initiatives, including international technical assistance projects.

In a rapidly evolving technological world, business activities need to rely on sophisticated scientific and technical tools and methods not only to address increasingly complex job requirements, but also in order to stay competitive as globalization, computing prowess, and instant communications dissolve geographical and size-based market entry barriers. Firms, big or small, thus have a critical need for support in employing and adapting technological means and solutions both for specialized applications as well as for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of many of their routine operations and daily management functions.

Hagler Bailly Pakistan provides its clients with a range of technology-based support services that leverage state-of-the-art information technology and data processing products; analytical and organizational methods; design, modeling and decision-making tools; and custom-made software solutions tailored to specific application, project, or enterprise needs. Such services not only enable companies to achieve higher management, performance, and financial standards that increase profitability, but also to add significant additional value to their business operations and outputs, thus enhancing customer satisfaction, expanding market horizons, and accelerating corporate growth. Hagler Bailly Pakistan’s broad consulting experience and related knowledge base, in particular, provides an unmatched advantage to the firm in devising technology-intensive services to its clients in the areas of energy planning and infrastructure implementation, as well as in environmental management.

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